Men’s clogs and slippers — for those who spend a lot of time on their feet When we think of men wearing clogs, our first thought are doctors. Have you ever wondered why healthcare workers wear clogs? Clogs offer support to the whole body, they correct our posture, and by that they minimize pain in our back, feet and ankles. Besides that, clogs don’t have laces and complicated belts, so we don’t have to bend over to put them on. Doctors shouldn’t be the only ones who enjoy the numerous benefits of clogs — every man should own a pair, especially those who spent a lot of time on their feet. Clogs are closed, so your toes are protected from dropped objects and spilled liquids. We offer quality clogs for men, which are easy to take care of. Our clogs are of standard sizes, so they are perfect gifts — we just have to know the shoe size of the lovely man we’re giving them to! A great choice of special designs makes sure that not only doctors, but dentists, chemists, hairdressers, chefs, etc. can find their perfect pair of clogs too.


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