Women clogs


Women clogs — making a big comeback Even though there are some exceptions, most shoe trends in 2021 are actually old trends, rising to popularity once again. This renessaince of old trends gave us (once again) the world-famous clogs. While in the nineties and seventies, clogs usually had a short, thick heel, today's models have a flat, anatomic sole. However, the recognizable shape of the clogs stays the same! Clogs are available in many-many models, and while the classic leather clogs are still extremely popular, they can be found in many other materials too. Hop Hop Shop has a rich assortment of clogs. You can find soft, leather clogs in many colors, perforated or closed models, clogs with a breathable foam sole, feet-friendly anatomic models, clogs with high heels and buckles, etc. They can be monochrome or colorful, with interesting motives or cartoon characters drawn on them. For those who like a simple pair of shoes, we have prepared monochrome clogs in strong, radiant colors, and also in pretty pastels. And we can’t forget about the fancy, elegant clogs with a metallic finish!